A Lesson in Social Etiquette: It is said that any publicity is good publicity.



Public Relations_Social EtiquetteIt is said that any pub­lic­ity is good pub­lic­ity. Appar­ently PR reps in NYC are try­ing to get pub­lic­ity for their events in cre­ative ways. They have asked blog­gers to post about their events after the fact and not hav­ing invited them to attend. Christo­pher Kouli­uris, a NYC social scene blog­ger for scallywagandvagabond.com, is appalled by this and has writ­ten an enter­tain­ing post on his blog about it. Check out the post and let me know your thoughts.

For those of you who are reg­u­lar read­ers of my (mis)adventures of carous­ing the NYC soci­ety set– you’ve prob­a­bly gone away with the impres­sion that I live some sort of glo­ri­ous glam­orous life. How wrong you all are, except for the occa­sional cock­tail, inspir­ing guest, cause or lin­ger­ing glance of some femme fatale who really should know bet­ter, can­vass­ing the NYC social land­scape as a reporter is a thankless task.

Thank­less because of the demands imposed on keep­ing a tight jour­nal (which means whilst you all sleep coco pops away I’m up invent­ing clever drib­ble and upload­ing images after images of peo­ple who always seem to be too happy). But today I can tell you my task of being a soci­ety reporter has just become 17 notches more mis­er­able. Why you won­der? Because I want every pub­li­cist who has ever had the good idea to find me to scratch me off their go to media list take a few steps back. Not because I don’t like pub­li­cists (I like quite a few of you if you must know) but because of the cal­cu­lat­ing nature of the way some of you behave and the con­niv­ing games so many of you rel­ish in (but why?).

So let’s get to the meat of the mat­ter. In the space of 7 days I, this scoundrel, received no fewer than 117 10 soci­ety event invi­ta­tions as my capac­ity as a soci­ety reporter (what­ever soci­ety means any­more and what­ever it is us soci­ety reporters are sup­pose to do any­more blah!). Out of those I prob­a­bly I only both­ered attend­ing 3. Okay, so far we’re all happy. Now here’s where the jig comes in, dur­ing those same 7 days I also received 400 9 event post press releases with pro­pa­ganda jar­gon and accom­pa­ny­ing pic­tures, get ready to catch this– to events that I or the jour­nal wasn’t invited to but pas­sively expected to pub­lish regardless.

So let’s get this straight, I get invites to events and if I feel as pub­lisher we should cover them we do. But now not only am I get­ting the usual invites, I am now get­ting more non invites to events that I wasn’t invited to attend solely for the intent that some pub­li­cist can use me as a mar­ket­ing con­duit for their pay­ing client.

This of course gen­er­ally comes with a care­fully worded tip sheet (cause we all need to metaphor­i­cally know the client has a penis 78 times big­ger more cache than you and I could ever hope to have ) with select accom­pa­ny­ing pic­tures of mar­velously happy peo­ple. How they always man­age to be happy beats me, but then again who can really under­stand the aspi­ra­tions of most media whores? (milk the cam­era boy for as much pub­lic expo­sure then go on to hope­fully milk an appear­ance deal or at least self jus­ti­fied social standing).

Now if you were in my posi­tion how would you respond? Would you acqui­esce and just post said pro­pa­ganda pieces (and I know quite a few of you blog­gers that do, but I wont men­tion names this time, cause last time I embar­rassed you all gave me dirty looks for weeks to come, but you copy and paste blog­gers we all know who you are or would you do what I do which is stand up for yourself?

Now the polite thing would be to ignore the emails and just pay them offend­ing pub­li­cists no mind. But I am afraid as some of you have to come to find out, I don’t tol­er­ate bad form too well (espe­cially after one pub­li­cist had me uncer­e­mo­ni­ously thrown out of one event ear­lier this year and another threat­ened to sue me for exer­cis­ing my jour­nal­is­tic rights). And if I must I will gather you up and expose your treach­er­ous ways. Which reminds me about the phone call I received Sun­day night (8.09pm) from a cer­tain infa­mous paparazzo who I sev­ered ties with in early Octo­ber who threat­ened to beat the crap out of me (accord­ing to sources this is his usual way of intim­i­da­tion, never mind the taped mes­sages) if I went to press with a story doc­u­ment­ing his shady crash­ing ways that most pub­li­cists can tell you about and have emailed me about (paparazzo the story will be up soon– promise).

Which brings me to the above arbi­trary sam­ple from one pub­li­cist. Let’s all read it together:

photo taken from Scal­ly­wag & Vagabond

So please ladies and gen­tle­men of the pub­lic rela­tions world– start treat­ing us soci­ety reporters with respect, even allo­cate a por­tion of your bud­get for us to cover your event prod­uct place­ment (really that’s what it amounts to) and we too will give you a per­fect pr write up that your client can be proud of. Or on the other hand approach us with respect and ask us if this is some­thing we would con­sider writ­ing about, assum­ing it reflects one’s jour­nal edi­to­r­ial gambit.

source:Scallywag & Vagabond