First Lady’s Action Is Speaking Louder Than Words

In my eti­quette work­shops, I stress the impor­tance of being aware of body lan­guage. These days every phone is equipped with both a video and still cam­era, so you never know who might be look­ing, record­ing or snap­ping pic­tures of you and your actions.

Case in point, at Monday’s post-inaugural lun­cheon, First Lady Michelle Obama was caught rolling her eyes at Speaker John Boehner.  Although there is no audio of what was said, it has been spec­u­lated that it was a joke about The Pres­i­dent not being able to smoke.  Nev­er­the­less, rolling your eyes is not a becom­ing ges­ture for any­one, espe­cially for a First Lady.

Here are three things to keep in mind while din­ning with others:

1.  When eat­ing, keep pace with oth­ers at the table.

2.  Use good pos­ture.  Do not slouch.

3.  Be aware of your body lan­guage — rolling your eyes,  elbows on the table, etc.