Dining Etiquette: Mastering Your Table Manners

Dining Etiquette  - Etiquette Expert Jules Hirst

Do you find your­self still ask­ing, “Which is my bread plate?” or “Which fork do I use?”  If you answered yes to either of these ques­tions, don’t worry, you can pol­ish your din­ing skills by attend­ing  “Mas­ter­ing Your Table Manners.” 

This course will teach you the rules of appro­pri­ate social and din­ing etiquette.

Here are a few of the top­ics that will be covered:

    • Appro­pri­ate table conversation
    • Nap­kin Use
    • Amer­i­can vs. Con­ti­nen­tal Styles
    • Din­ing Do’s and Don’ts
    • Dif­fi­cult to eat food
    • Dis­tress­ing Meal­time Moments

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