International Protocol ~Business Card Etiquette in Japan

When it comes to busi­ness eti­quette when deal­ing with inter­na­tional clients in the U.S. or in their Coun­try it is cru­cial you brush up on your Inter­na­tional Pro­to­col.

Below are the “how to’s” when deal­ing with Japans Pro­to­col in exchang­ing busi­ness cards:

Busi­ness cards are impor­tant to the Japan­ese.  Have them trans­lated into Japan­ese on one side, make sure your title is clear

When pre­sent­ing your busi­ness card present it with the Japan­ese side up and fac­ing your col­league between the thumb and fore­fin­gers of both hands while slightly bowing

When receiv­ing a card, take it between the thumb and fore­fin­gers of both hands at the top of the card

Don’t put the card away imme­di­ately the longer you look at the card the more respect you are giv­ing the per­son.  If you need help with the pro­nun­ci­a­tion be sure to ask

Never write on a busi­ness card in the pres­ence of the owner.