Manners Monday; What would you do: A potential employer asks for your Facebook password?

Shoulder Surfing during an interview_social etiquette

Today’s Mon­day Man­ners Sce­nario has to do with Face­book and a poten­tial new job.

As of May, the unem­ploy­ment rate is 8.2% with Nevada, Rhode Island and Cal­i­for­nia the only three

states whose unem­ploy­ment rates are in the dou­ble dig­its.  After months of send­ing out resumes and inter­view­ing, you finally have a job offer.  When you meet with the hir­ing man­ager to final­ize the details of your deal, the hir­ing man­ager asks you to go to the com­puter and log in to your Face­book account.   This act is com­monly known as “shoul­der surfing.”

Facebook’s offi­cial state­ment is that shoul­der surf­ing “under­mines the pri­vacy expec­ta­tions and the secu­rity of both the user and the user’s friends” and “poten­tially exposes the employer who seeks this access to unan­tic­i­pated legal liability.”

What would you do?