Metropolitan Etiquette Authority: Signs of Civility Hitting the Streets

Jason Shelowitz, a 31 year old graphic designer from New York City, is fed up.  He’s reached his boil­ing point and he’s doing some­thing about it.

Shelowitz started the Met­ro­pol­i­tan Eti­quette Author­ity — his one man cam­paign to enforce eti­quette in New York City.  In an effort to gen­tly remind New York­ers of civil­ity and man­ners, Shelowitz has posted 40 imi­ta­tion street signs through­out the city with help­ful reminders like “Pull up your pants”, “Don’t flick your butts on the ground” and “Clean up after your horse.”

Shelowitz was inspired to do this after his dog stepped on a lit cig­a­rette while they were out­walk­ing.  He feels “it’s a mat­ter of say­ing what everyone’s thinking.”

Last year, Shelowitz tar­geted sub­way rid­ers with a poster cam­paign that pointed out dis­gust­ing sub­way behav­iors.  Now he’s taken his work above ground.