Manners Monday: Politics and Etiquette 7 Tips on how to talk Politics when the conversation get’s political

Pol­i­tics is one of those top­ics that is off lim­its along with reli­gion, money and sex.  But, with the elec­tion just a few weeks away, emo­tions are run­ning high and there is no escap­ing the topic. In this week’s Man­ners Mon­day video we dis­cuss “7 thing ways to mind your man­ners when there is no escap­ing the polit­i­cal con­ver­sa­tion.“

*Wed­dings and hol­i­days are risky set­tings for such poten­tially divi­sive con­ver­sa­tions, espe­cially among fam­ily mem­bers who might not be so shy about tem­per­ing their opinions.

These are mem­o­rable events, and the mem­o­ries should be good ones. Charged polit­i­cal con­ver­sa­tions or com­ments should also be avoided when meet­ing new peo­ple or speak­ing briefly.

The results. Elec­tion day will inevitably arrive, bring­ing deci­sive out­comes (hope­fully). Ela­tion in vic­tory and dis­may in defeat are nor­mal; how we choose to dis­play those emo­tions is important.

Cel­e­brate or com­mis­er­ate when with like-minded friends and col­leagues, but in less cer­tain com­pany — this goes dou­ble at work — be sen­si­tive of oth­ers’ emo­tions and be dis­creet with your own.

*taken from Reuters