Etiquette for Dinner Parties

Here is a great video by Australia’s top enter­tain­ing experts reveal­ing their din­ner party suc­cess secrets.Dinner party etiquette

*Fifty years ago there were clear eti­quette rules. For exam­ple, don’t remove your sports coat or smoke your pipe around women, and never dis­cuss per­sonal affairs in pub­lic. But things have changed.

Today, peo­ple air their dirty laun­dry on Twit­ter and the sexes are rel­a­tively equal in rela­tion­ships and business.

You can no longer be sure whether you’ll be scoffed at or thanked for open­ing a door for a woman.

But that doesn’t mean man­ners have no place in the mod­ern world – in fact, if you want to make a good impres­sion, eti­quette is still the best way.


* Writ­ten by: Fiona MacDonald